Review – “Adrian” – Spirit Desire

reviewed by Laura Stanley

To begin Adrian we hear a voicemail from the record’s audio engineer Dean Snowball. In it he suggests that the album should start with the band coming together to say, “…this album is dedicated to drinking iced teas, eating Junior Chickens, having a lot of laughs…gotta have the laughs…and keeping it real as well.” But clearly instead of the band, it’s just Dean saying this. With a video game-like electronic melody overtop of his voice just to mess with him a little bit more.

Adrian (whose name-sake does the screamo vocals on “Drop It Like It’s Hot”) is an emo record for best friends. It’s a lot of fun (it name-checks Denny’s, Guy Fieri, Terry Crews, and Dairy Queen) and there’s plenty of wobbling and jumping and yelling and sweat and heart. The instrumental bashing at the end of “My Fieri” is enough to drain the bleach out of your hair, the powerful fuzz of “Donut Run 2: Still Runnin'” provides more than enough fumes to get you where you need to go, and Spirit Desire’s homage (by way of channeling a stalker) to amazing human Terry Crews is amazing.

But, like Dean says, Spirit Desire also keep it real. The lone lyric of “Going to Denny’s” is “you don’t know me like I know you.” And I don’t think that’s directed at a Denny’s. “Game of Pricks” is a boppy middle finger to dicks and the dreadful familiarity of the cheerfully entitled closer, and standout track, “Life Blows (And Then You Die)” made me laugh.

And so Adrian is a friend to share the good and bad times with. Hop in, we’re going on a McDonald’s run.

Top Tracks: “Terry Crews”; “Life Blows (And Then You Die)”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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