Review – “ORBIT THORNS” – RoniCea

reviewed by Laura Stanley

In a galaxy not that far away, lies RoniCea…

Her orbit of thorns are sharp to keep her safe from the outside world. On “When You’re Lonely,” RoniCea shakes her head at someone who goes AWOL and only reappears for a booty call.  On opener “Stay Inside (I’ll Have My Mind), RoniCea resolves to stay in rather than facing the harsh world but asserts, “when the underdogs rise again, I’ll have my time.”

Sonically, Orbit Thorns is decisively not barbed. Throughout, RoniCea’s voice is her own soothing balm while her beats are rounded and soulful, it is lo-fi hop-hop for your own galactic explorations. The keys at the start of “Coulda Neva/Death Jewels” glisten warmly like stars do on a summer’s night and the thick bass line of (the suitably titled) “Bassline” is simply delicious.

By the end of the EP, RoniCea gets out her wire cutters to dismantle the sharp protective web she has created and is ready to go out into the world again. And you hear her gearing up to do so throughout the release: “no more using me,” she sings on “When You’re Lonely”. “Mess with the wrong one. ‘Bout to tell you what’s up,” she spits with one foot out the door on the glitchy shot “Fine Wine”. This was a brief hibernation.

Top Tracks: “Stay Inside (I’ll Have My Mind)”; “Bassline”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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