Review – “Feeling Things” – Weary

reviewed by Laura Stanley

If you know me, or maybe if you’ve read a lot of my reviews (if so, thank you!), you know that I am Emotional. I Feel A Lot. Sometimes too much: this week I cried at this tweet.

St. John’s, Newfoundland band Weary (Kate Lahey) is also a sensitive soul. Her debut Feeling Things – a soft, guitar-pop affair – is a chronicle of her emotions over a summer, seemingly, but the timeline may stretch longer. Lahey primarily sings of relationships (romantic or otherwise) dissolving and her feelings that spill out have familiar backdrops – late summer, the soft light of morning, a grocery store – which make the songs even more cutting.

The sweetness of summer has turned sickly on “Labour Day,” and other people have grown tiresome. On “Bruise,” Lahey ices some tender wounds – “I don’t want to love you anymore,” she sings – and the anxieties on “Arcade” bounce around like a ball getting thwacked by the flippers of a pinball machine. On highlight “Too Bad, So Sad,” there’s a wobbly guitar riff that crops up now and again that reminds me of a trembling lip before the tears come. Another EP highlight “Grocery Store” is a doo-wop style track and the most playful of the bunch as Lahey dodges a person she doesn’t want to see in the grocery store check-out.

One of the most painful parts about becoming an adult is how you grow apart from friends.  Someone who once had such an important role in your life turns into your 3 hour brunch friend and you talk about the past rather than your present and future. Closer “High Dive” is about a friendship disbanding, the cutting off of bff bracelets.

On Feeling Things, Weary offer tender reminders that it’s okay to feel things.

Top Tracks: “Too Bad, So Sad”;  “Grocery Store”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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