Review – “Reflections” – Lavender Child

reviewed by Michael Thomas

On Lavender Child’s debut EP, process is as important as product. Reflections is an undeniably beautiful little collection, but the songs materialized from a lot of hard work. Each song feels like a textured painting being assembled in front of our eyes. First the backgrounds come in, and eventually we are led to the focal point.

Perhaps the painting metaphor came from the EP’s opening song, “Beautiful Landscapes.” It’s a great model to explain how the songs came together: Lavender Child improvised vocal loops, came up with ideas for structure, then eventually collaborated with her band to come up with a finished product. You can hear “Beautiful Landscapes” being built up, first with an aforementioned vocal loop, before Lavender Child begins singing oh-so-delicately overtop. She sings of a quiet sky with no birds singing, and it makes the song only more eerily beautiful.

The entire EP could be called eerily beautiful, but each song has its own unique tone. “Happy Illusions” has been covered here previously and it’s a slow-burning crescendo which also shows off the range of Lavender Child’s vocals, which are almost operatic. On “Reflections,” we hear how quiet she can be while remaining expressive. She almost sounds like she’s whispering at times, and long parts of the track feature nothing but running water.

And then there’s “Plutomania,” which heads in a much eerier direction. It begins with creaking sounds and spare strings, and the lyrics also take a much darker tone, with Lavender Child at one point saying no one will cry for you when you die. Given that “plutomania” means an obsession with money, the dark tone of the song makes a lot of sense.

It’s a small showcase, but Reflections shows that Lavender Child has a lot of potential. Though each song is long, they never feel boring, and what kind of (sorry) beautiful landscape Lavender Child will come up with next is anyone’s guess.

Top Track: “Reflections”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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