Review – “KINEMA” – Miteh

a3225982526_10reviewed by Kaitlin Ruether

With a little research I learned that kinema is the archaic word for cinema, as well as the name of an Eastern Nepalese food made of naturally fermented soybeans. While there is a mix of the organic and the processed within the songs on Miteh’s second release, the former definition feels more encompassing of these seven cinematic tracks.

KINEMA is Miteh’s first record on a label (the UK’s Pegdoll Records), though it was entirely self recorded and produced. Throughout, there are a few patterns that make reappearances: the expansive bouts of chilled ambiance, the slow burning tension-builders, and repetition used to create hooks. These are the building blocks that Miteh begins with, but then he starts to play.

Genre-conformity? Instrumental stasis? Miteh throws these out in favour of a variety of vocal tracks and lingering compositions. From the electric guitar flourished “Enjoy The View” to the anxious seven-minute piano piece, “Bloodline”, Miteh keeps you on your toes. Despite this variation, the Hamilton artist finds a sense of balance.“Filament” is as luminous and delicate as its name suggests with a radiating sense of the mystic, and is counterbalanced later with “Chariots”, which has the most impressive vocal moment on the album. A steady addition of voices is aided by ominous humming while the lyrics act as a map to guide through the complexity: “Your visions are unhealthy / don’t get lost in the dark”.

It’s easy to see why interest is building around Miteh: his ability to move through genre and shine on both instrumental compositions and more standard alternative-rock songs brings a sense of intelligence to his music. It’s exciting to see what territory he will explore next.

Top Track: “Chariots”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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