Review – “Golfing” – Fine Wine

reviewed by Laura Stanley

It’s dark by 5pm now. When I leave work, I plan to accomplish All The Things but instead I put on my sweatpants and a large sweater and do whole lot of nothing and I feel terrible about it.

Golfing from Fine Wine   The Lonely Parade‘s Augusta Veno and her brother Ambrose Veno – is about a lot of things but one of those things is feeling shitty because it’s cold and dark – “Why can’t I get out of my bed,” Augusta sings on the restless “SAD II”. Fine Wine even give a shout-out to “seasonal depression” on the EP’s thank yous.

The pair’s tunes are lo-fi pop that’s scuffed up but not harsh, like the sounds of a small sidewalk plow. On opener “Gathering Moss,” stagnation is a source of frustration and Augusta winces from overthinking: “Trusting yourself is really hard”. Frustration returns on “You’re Fired” as Augusta throws eye-rolls and dirty looks at somebody who leaves “a trail of lots of tears along the banks of lies we walked upon.” Closer “Floating” finds Augusta hovering above reality, grasping at anything she can. But hey, is that the sun!? Spring must be around the corner.

“To record this and release it feels pretty cathartic so here’s my diary set to pop music,” Augusta writes about Golfing. An apt summary of an EP that’s unflinchingly personal and a nice extra layer this winter.

Top Track: “Gathering Moss”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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