Audible/Visual Hoots: Caves, Witch Prophet, Vanity Phase & more

Caves – “New Ageist”

“New Ageist,” from Saskatoon band Caves’ forthcoming album Young Adult Contemporaryis a remarkably chill track. It kicks off with a cool jazzy sax riff before settling into a soft n’ sweet, dream-pop vibe. As Peter Grier assures us “it’s okay,” you’re cast off into oblivion. – Laura Stanley 

The Crowleys – “Midnight Blue”

The Crowleys sound like what would happen if the vocals of Shout Out Out Out Out met a surf-rock band, and the robotic vocals of this sunny song pair nicely with the video. Animated by Evan Bond, we follow a robot who imagines a better day at the beach than what is actually happening. That robot is all of us: don’t we all wish we could be better? –Michael Thomas

Witch Prophet – “Manifest”

I predict that Witch Prophet’s forthcoming album The Golden Octave will make 2018 a brighter year. “Manifest,” the first track from that album, has a jazzy swagger to it as Witch Prophet shakes her head at the unjust and confusing world before she eventually proclaims, powerfully, “I am a manifesto.” – LS

TIO – “Hyena” 

It’s nice to see TIO is up and about. Listening to TIO is like wandering through a fever-induced dream and “Hyena” might be the most disorienting song so far. A repeating sequence of synths forms the backbone of the song (it’s especially trippy to hear it on headphones) as crystalline sounds layer overtop, making the song sound more and more urgent. By the time the main vocals kick in, the song is downright hypnotic. – MT

The Ferns – Magnolia Tree

The Ferns’ hazy jangly guitar pop impressed us earlier this year and their latest releases “Magnolia Tree” and “Torn Up,” are some more goodness. Swaying to a bright guitar riff, “Magnolia Tree” is about accepting that sometimes you’re not such a great person but having hope that in the future you’ll sort yourself out. Side-b – “Torn Up” – is more forlorn and is about letting go and trying not to feel too lonely. Which is super hard to do but The Ferns have your back. – LS

Vanity Phase – “Win the Bread”

Ostensibly this song from Andrew Payne, formerly of Century Palm, should feel straightforward, but it feels like a warning from the future. Set to a minimalistic 80s new-wave-y synth line, Payne explains how to “win the bread”: don’t you dare dream about how things could be better. Keep your head down, stay quiet and let your soul-sucking job consume you. It’s bracing. – MT

Family Video – “Kiss and Cry”

The video for Family Video’s “Kiss and Tell” – from their treat of an album Long Time Listener, First Time Caller – nicely reflects the track’s curiosity. Through a pin hole camera we go on a road trip and take in some beautiful scenery all while Family Video’s J.King daydreams about somebody, “you’re a mystery,” they sing. Solidifying the fact that road trips and lusty daydreams go hand in hand. – LS

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