Review – “H​.​E​.​R” – OBUXUM

reviewed by Laura Stanley

H.E.R – an acronym for – (H)EARING.(E)VERY.(R)HYTHM – is as detailed and as perceptive as its title. On this beats mixtape, OBUXUM has drawn from the strength of those she chooses to surround herself with – hearing every rhythm – and is now ready to start telling her own story. Every beat here – vibrant, soft, somewhere in between – mirrors how her heart beats.

The songs are quick flashes but OBUXUM packs them with emotions and varying voices. The gleaming “He(r)story” ends with Eartha Kitt’s dismissal of compromising to appease a man, “The 6ix Goddess” moves and shakes the way Toronto does on a Friday night, and the closing track “Dunkin Vibrations” is fuzzy around the edges like early Saturday mornings. The operatic “Betty Blue’s Interlude” glimmers like a tiara caught in the spotlight, and “Zipp Diskkss (To An Angel)” is a rapid fire message of love to the stars.

“Pu$$Y Po-Wah” is the most sultry track of the album – or perhaps I’m just hearing what I want to hear – and carries the most weight. Positioned as the middle track, it feels like all the other songs revolve around “Pu$$Y Po-Wah” – the centre of the universe, the source of life.

H.E.R. is a celebration you need to join.

Top Track: “HE(R)STORY”; “Pu$$Y Po-Wah”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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