Review – “Whichever Way the Winds Are Blowing” – Wazonek

reviewed by Eleni Armenakis

Adam Wazonek has played under a number of names—including several serving during his electronic funk days. But he’s sounding decidedly more old school on his latest, Whichever Way the Winds Are Blowing, released, simply, under the name Wazonek.

Recorded at home in Vancouver, Whichever Way the Winds Are Blowing quickly takes you back in time, and season, to the warm summer days of surf rock. It’s instantly evident on the eponymous first track—a slight country crossover that mixes folk, rollicking country, rock and a strong dose of Canadiana to set the tone.

The following track “Christine” feels like a throwback to some of the great one-name songs of the 60s, with its own modern indie twist, while “Knock On Your Door” offers a slower interlude with some rich guitar flourishes. “Easy Love” makes for easy listening as Wazonek plays with pace and delivers some quick verses before coasting into the chorus as the album’s second half hits a playfully romantic groove with “I’d Like To Know.”

It’s a mellow call to adventure with closer “Drive,” steel strings matching Wazonek’s vocals and carrying the song into the close—and what feels like an end to the summer days.

Top Tracks: “Christine”; “I’d Like To Know”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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