Premiere: LUKA – “Happy”

what kind of animalWe here at Grayowl Point could go on for thousands of words to describe the complexity and brilliance of Luke Kuplowsky (aka LUKA), and we kind of did in talking about Summon Up a Monkey KingIn 2017 we do not deserve a new LUKA album, but a new album we are getting. What Kind of Animal is out on Nov. 28, and we’re giving you another taste of what to expect.

“Happy,” like many of LUKA’s songs, is unexpected and unexpectedly devastating. There’s so much to unpack in the first few lines of the song: “I’ve got so much happiness/that I miss my friends’ sadness/With all this happiness, what kind of friend am I/To kiss or confide in.” At first it sounds like it’ll be sparse, with just Kuplowsky’s voice and a warm guitar, but as it goes on, the song suddenly explodes. The song is suddenly attacked by loud cymbal crashes and roaring electric guitars.

There’s plenty of enigma to go around in this song, like the line, ” “Dressed in white and blue for your funeral,” and it’s a textbook LUKA song for that reason. At once you feel like you can totally relate and get lost in an enchanting mystery.

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