Audible/Visual Hoots: Lavender Child, Jaunt, Wolf Willow, & more

Lavender Child – “Happy Illusions”

Just on its own, “Happy Illusions” a powerful slow burn of a song. Lavender Child’s vocals carry an almost tangible sadness which is only amplified as the instruments swell to a crescendo. It’s paired with a hypnotic video directed by Dylan Mitro which shows a number of people living in what could be a paradise. But you could just as easily believe that this paradise is nothing but an illusion. This single is from her upcoming Reflections EP and it looks to be a good one. –Michael Thomas

Men I Trust – “I Hope To Be Around”

Men I Trust have steadily been putting out fantastic tracks for a couple of years now and their latest, “I Hope To Be Around,” is no exception. Highlighted by the tasty synth line that’s dolloped throughout, “I Hope To Be Around” is a dreamy and smooth reflection on the future and personal aspirations. On the song’s chorus, Emma repeats, “I dream of my future/remote from time bounds/becoming myself/in truth,” which is beautiful goal. My goal for the future is to live like Enya. – Laura Stanley

Florda Well – “High Love”

Featuring members of Seoul and How Sad, the debut track from Montreal’s Florda Well is way bigger than its self-described “psych-pop” tag. The song is bursting at the seams with gorgeous synths, deep expressive vocals and a good amount of haze. The song is described as a trip down memory lane but it might very well be taking a trip through your brain for days after listening. –MT

Nolton Lake – “Where The Wind Blows”

“Where The Wind Blows” – the debut single from Montreal band Nolton Lake (Félix Brassard) – is best listened to while stepping on crunchy leaves. The track is a pleasant, rambling folk tune and in its accompanying video, we follow Brassard as he drives (in a VW bus!) along a two lane country highway with the trees in peak colour. Together, “Where The Wind Blows” is a feast for both the eyes and the ears. – LS

Valois – “The River”

Charles Hoppner often uses the word “sugary” in describing his music, and Valois’ songs feel as addictive as eating a chocolate bar. The latest fun, synth-y song is duet with Felicity Decarle of Sparklesaurus. The passionate vocals from Hoppner and Decarle tell a story of struggling to make it and dealing with depression –MT

Jaunt – “Machined” 

Way back in 2016, about their EP Chat, one of our writers wrote, “Jaunt are an attempt to instil a relaxed, cool mood in an ever-anxious world.” By the sounds of their new track “Machined,” this description of Toronto’s Jaunt remains apt. Although the track clicks and whirs like its namesake might, Jaunt’s smooth pop sounds soften the jitters and leave a path clear for reflection and personal growth. – LS 

Wolf Willow – “Me and the Moon”

The Regina alt-country band retells the story of Samson with some fairly hypnotic visuals. We watch artist Monique Levesques-Strachan paint a beautiful picture of the moon over water at night as the band’s gently powerful song plays on, and eventually that picture goes up in flames. Not recommended if you’re trying to get over pyromania. – MT

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