Premiere: La Fièvre – “Je te retrouverai”

je te retrouveraiIn her review of La Fièvre’s Le rituel EP, Dominique Lemoine memorably described it as “a great album for introverted feminist witches to explore.” This Montreal duo plays with dark electro-pop to make it truly spooky and haunting, with words that could double as spells or incantations.

The duo’s new song, “Je te retrouverai,” (I will find you) continues the bewitching (sorry) trend of their music. Funereal synths make this song either something scary or determined, however you want to interpret “I will find you.”

The black-and-white video cuts between Ma-Au Leclerc and Zéa Beaulieu-Apri of La Fièvre and groups of men and women who occasionally seem joyous, at other times violent, and at other times enraptured in a task at hand (be it spinning around in cloth or writing symbols on a wall). As the band describes it, the people we see are isolated; perhaps it’s the end of the world. What else is there to do but dance and play when you have no one and nothing else?

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