Audible Hoots: Swim Good Now, The Holy Gasp, Skye Wallace and more

swim good now – “It Was The Longest Day Ever”

swim good now’s (Jon Lawless) “It Was The Longest Day Ever” is a tender track to lift you out of your sadness as the last of the leaves fall and the first Christmas lights start to appear. The gentle guitar plucks, Lawless’ yearning falsetto, and Half Waif and Georgian Bay on backing vocals, come together with ease on this quiet treat. – LS

The Holy Gasp – “Beat Wave”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from the Holy Gasp and their upcoming sophomore album stems from some rough personal circumstances for Benjamin Hackman. The first single we get from the album is “Beat Wave,” which credits an astonishing 17 musicians as making an appearance. Hackman likes calling the new sound “big band punk” and that suits the song really well. It’s as if an entire orchestra was drafted to craft a spy song, and with Hackman at the vocal helm it has the perfect amount of menace. – Michael Thomas

Scott Orr – “Violent Blue”

There’s two very different parts to Scott Orr‘s new track “Violent Blue”: a twitchy electronic beat and Orr’s whisper-like vocals with a gentle guitar and piano. The electronics feel harsh at first – like a memory that you can’t shake (“I haven’t seen you for so long. You’re the chorus to every song”) – but around the 1:24 mark – when the drums kick in – the two parts fold together and everything feels more in sync. Perhaps this is how Orr hopes a relationship will fall into place. – LS

Alex Rand – “Boyhood Places”

Look Vibrant has been no stranger to this blog, and Alex Rand of that very band has found the time to record some solo work in the meantime. The first single from his upcoming Sundial EP has a lot going on right off the bat, with a tinge of R&B silky-smoothness, hypnotic psych-y guitar and lots of weird little flourishes that never make this track boring. The song only adds chaos as it moves on. -MT

Skye Wallace – “Scarlett Fever”

Skye Wallace is back with an energetic new song – a love story with the Yukon as its backdrop. On “Scarlett Fever,” the narrator yearns for their love (Scarlett) to return after a long, cold, and lonely winter without her. As Scarlett’s return is imminent and the narrator’s anxieties intensify, Wallace sounds more agitated. Is love on the horizon? You’ll have to listen and figure that out for yourself. – LS 

Aladean Kheroufi – piano pop & useless cops

It’s hard not to check out an EP with a name like that, and this Edmonton piano-pop artist is highly worth checking out. Often making music with little more than a piano and a drum machine, his melancholy vocals wash over the music to add some much-needed sarcasm. In “Enjoy yourself 2nite” he talks about things going to shit and in “Do It Yourself” he sings of blaming your problems on other people. Closer “Easy” is a beautiful solo piano track that casts a nice, fine mist of gloom over the proceedings. –MT


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