Review – “Within Waves” – The Kents

reviewed by Eleni Armenakis

Lindsay, Ontario’s The Kents are continuing to chart their growing years with “anthemic intimacy.” The band, which formed in 2011, when its members were in Grade 11, has made a name for themselves by hashing out the brutalities of growing up—and matching them with an irresistibly poppy beat.

Their sophomore EP, Within Waves, has all the hallmarks of growing up. Frontman Warren Frank is on a roll as he belts out passionate, introspective lyrics that are full of questions for the world around him. And yet, in opener “From the Start,” Frank confidently chants, “Feel what you’ve been feeling from the start” as he sings about newfound clarity.

It’s only beats later that the confidence slips away on “Caroline (I Can’t Explain),” a poetic song about a total loss of words. Fast-paced, the song punches and dances through the crisis in the band’s trademark jubilant sound. Frank’s wails in the final minute are the only giveaway of the emotional tumult driving the frantic drums forward.

Melodic “Is There Anyone?” slows things down just a touch as catchy oohs add flourishes to Frank’s intense soul searching. “Distant” continues with the milder interlude—ramping itself up and then pulling back.

“Low Light” follows the preceding tracks as it floats, dreamily and fervently, towards the EP’s end. Full of youthful doubt and vigor, there’s no room for half measures or holding back on the band’s latest five-track burst. Living up to its name, Within Waves crashes, coasts and drifts—but is never still.

Top Track: “Is There Anyone?”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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