Premiere: Mich Cota – “Kijà / Care”

Kijà / Care, the third album from Montreal-based artist Mich Cota, dazzles. Glistening and pulsating with electronics, Kijà / Care acts like a meeting place. Here Cota, in English and in Algonquin, comes to terms with her identity as a two-spirit woman and grapples with her experiences within queer and indigenous communities making for a powerfully candid record. On “Eta-Godj / Only,” Cota carves out her place –  “she’s got to be her own/find a place in this life” – and on “Pidikwe / Roar,” her strength overpowers darkness – “I know it will be okay but some days there’s only pain.” And this is all with shadowy synths in the background making you want to dance or take a late night drive.

“The importance of making this music was finding enough reasons to make the decision to begin identifying publicly as a woman,” Cota tells us. “I have experienced strong support in Montreal and have felt further alienation from the ones I believed loved me. The album dips in and out of complex emotions and thoughts, but the entity that encompasses this work is confident and proud. She is a light I am becoming. She is ancient, Algonquin, she is stronger than the ones who believe they can limit her.”

Kijà / Care will be released October 24th via Egg Paper but you can stream the whole release in full below.


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