Review – “Late Night Takeaway” – Late Night Takeaway

reviewed by Eleni Armenakis

Vancouver three-piece Late Night Takeaway are living up to the laid-back lifestyle of midnight takeout. Formed in high school in 2014—and lasting through lead vocalist Mike Bremner’s year abroad—the band are finally releasing a self-titled debut EP.

It’s west coast indie rock, with just a splash of some early 2000s Brit rock. Bremner’s deep vocals are an almost constant reminder of the deep-throated pop rock that made its way west, and there’s a strong hint of Arctic Monkeys in both the sound and lyrics of the band’s short release.

Semi-slurred words open “Shake Oscillator,” a slow, grooving track that builds into the titular chorus. “Oh how I wish/ To be misled” Bremner sings, his blasé delivery undercutting some of the lyrical darkness.

Melodic “Dichotomist” channels modern Canadian indie for its instrumentals, as Bremner tosses out flourishes on the guitar and drummer Ryan Robinson stomps out the song’s grounding beat.

There’s a classic rock lead in for “Father Figure” before it emerges as a blues/jazz fusion heavily coated in Brit rock instrumentals and CanCon vocals. “Motivator” slows down the pace, Bremner’s voice droning overtop the easy music.

Finger-snapping “College Kids” wraps up the EP—a shoulder-swaying spurt of a closer that jives its way to a fitting end for the band’s first foray as Late Night Takeaway leaves their high school roots behind.

Top Track: “Shake Oscillator”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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