Review – “The Obelisk” – Loïc Zev

obeliskreviewed by Michael Thomas

There’s magic in the air in the latest recording from Loïc Zev—or, at least, if it’s not in the air, he’s trying to summon it. Over the course of the three-song EP, Zev mentions spells, conjuring, vanquishing darkness and the recitation of ancient oaths. The album title and soft-focus album artwork only add to the mystique Zev is trying to build.

Zev’s music is pop tinged with darkness. There are some experimental, industrial parts and at other times a fine psychedelic mist washes over the songs, especially in the opener, “Protectors.”

Speaking of which, that song is largely about the power of words. In the song, which blends mystical-sounding guitar and a drum machine, Zev sings (in a voice that reminds me of Gentleman Reg’s vocals) of himself as “a collector of words.” But as much as he can collect them, he can’t make them “speak back.” He sees himself a sorcerer, but words hold a greater power over him.

If the title wasn’t enough of a hint, “Out of the Darkness” is concerned with getting out of just that. The song has some splashes of industrial music in between, and in the song a voice keeps repeating the same words in Zev’s head. The nature of the voice is not clear, but maybe getting out of the dark isn’t a bad thing.

Finally there’s the title track, a more electronic-leaning song. This one is the most mysterious of the three, and it’s got visions, oaths and cryptic language, all with a more aggressive electronic backdrop.

To absorb it all, maybe you’ll need a little more magic in your life.

Top Track: “Protectors”

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)

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