Premiere: The Hypochondriacs – “Just Like Before”

just like beforeThe video for the first song on The Hypochondriacs’ In 3/4 is a good representation of their energy. The band takes outlaw country and wraps it in a few more layers of pyschedelia, and their gritty sound is a lot of fun to listen to.

In the video for “Just Like Before,” shot and edited by Devon Murrins, we follow the band performing live at Frederiction’s Capital Complex. People are dancing and the band is absorbed in the energy of the song. It’s kind of cool to see Josh Bravener singing so close to the mic that he’s practically eating it.

As Bravener describes the video:

Well we had never shot a music video before and seemed like the next
thing to do! I heard through the grape vine about this super talented
fella named Devon Murrins and that we need him to do a video for us.
After bouncing around a few ideas we decided to go with the swing
dancers. Kelly got in touch with the Fredericton Swing dancers and
they were nice enough to take time out of their evening to help us
out. The video is beyond what I could have imagined. Everyone did such
a good job.

Be an outlaw, if just for four minutes, below.


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