Audible/Visual Hoots: Sarah Denim, Mark Mills, Derrival & more

Sarah Denim – “We Are Always”

“We Are Always” is a hushed synth-pop song that bobs up and down like you would if you were floating on your back in a lake on a breezy day. This languid sonic landscape allows Sarah Denim to stretch out an take in her surroundings and, in turn, to decide to “give all of me” to whatever or whoever is on the horizon.  – Laura Stanley

Mark Mills – “Won’t Let You Down”

As Mark Mills prepares to release a new record next year, a few more songs from 1.6.16 are getting the video treatment, the latest being his gloomy song “Won’t Let You Down.” The black and white video is half concert, half horror movie, the shots of Mills singing cut with a woman dancing and occasionally running, though it’s unclear whether it’s from or to something. What is possessing this woman is a mystery and fits the theme of the song to a tee. – Michael Thomas

DF – “Ricky’s Backyard”

On their new playful sax tune, Montreal-based audiovisual duo DF ask us to explore “Ricky’s Backyard”. This is a place for friends and frisky butterflies. There’s burnt patches of grass (but who cares) and the tomato crop is doing fantastic this season. Set out a lawn chair and soak up the warmth before autumn rolls in. – LS

Derrival – “Ice Cream”

It’s been quite a while since we’ve least heard from Derrival, but they seem to have been having some fun in the meantime. “Ice Cream” is a great song for the last gasp of summer, a flurry of keys laid over some smooth bass and a very catchy bit of gang vocals. As they sing “I can’t go back,” you’ll realize that you, in fact, can return to a more pleasant time by listening to this song. –MT

Boniface – “I Will Not Return as a Tourist”

Good human Micah Visser and his band are going through changes and now go by the name Boniface and their first single “I Will Not Return as a Tourist” was released through the UK label Transgressive. So some really nice things are happening. I wrote about “I Will Not Return as a Tourist” way back in 2015 when it was first released and I talked about the song’s restlessness and I also referenced Death Cab For Cutie. This revised version is sleeker and grander, magnifying Visser’s urge to find out where home is. – LS  

Kevin Ramroop – “Summertime”

Speaking of the end of summer, Kevin Ramroop is shedding his Triangle & Seed moniker and releasing this chill and yes, summer-y, new song under his own name. If the neon popsicles on the album’s cover art aren’t enough of a hint, this is one for the last embers of the season. His vocals are gentle and silky, the beat a nice mix of percussion and keys, the overall atmosphere one of intense relaxation. – MT

Antoine93 – “Love Me Less”

When I was younger I used to turn my back on pop music but more and more I find myself welcoming pop jams (Carly Rae!) with open arms. Montreal’s Antoine93 is putting out a new record (Destination Unknown) at the end of the month and I feel like I will be turning to it when I need to dance out my feelings. Antoine93’s “Love Me Less” is a sad song about departures but it’s also so bright and energetic and I feel that the pain of the departure will make way for pleasure. – LS 

Sarah Cripps – “Leave Behind”

Everyone struggles with who they are and where they’re going in life. Sarah Cripps is no different, and used the experience to create a new album. The first single infuses pop with a dose of psychedelic guitars and an image of dusty roads. I imagine Cripps sitting in the front seat of an old car, eyes forward, driving away from the things that are holding her back. – MT

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