Review – “Momentum Conservatory” – Bells Clanging

reviewed by Erik Sedore

“Frames”, the first track on Clanging Bells’ Momentum Conservatory EPdrops in with some playful bass, and its skipping tone brings to mind a montage of sidewalks and alleyways in the early morning sun. I find it to be about tiptoeing around all the heavy memories in the spaces around us.

“The Tonight Delay” is choppier, many guitars threaded together in a tight tapestry. Singer Jason Starnes voice recalls Doug Martsch from Built To Spill at times. “Fevers Running” is a slower track, weaving back and forth, trying to dodge a stalking shadow. It’s the EP’s dark heart, and it builds to an urgent conclusion.

“Drop Out For A Moment” is a dreamscape true to its title, somewhat hymn-like, it made me think of a lure dragging the bottom of lake, a bright spot drifting in a cold darkness, alert for unseen danger at all times.

Check out this EP if you’re a fan of thoughtful and melodic electro-acoustic pop music.

Top Track: “Frames”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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