Review – “Brandon” – Brandon

reviewed by Eleni Armenakis

“It’s not perfect but it’s energetic and keen, there’s something to that.”

There’s a school of musical thought that actually sees perfection as something that takes away from the music—that having each note spliced and tuned to the exact ideal can give an album a lifeless feel. Which may be why this odd-sounding pitch for Brandon’s self-titled EP is actually a main sell.

The Montreal group, which features members of Weird Star, Gazm and Fog Lake‘s live band, are out with a six-song release perfectly timed for the end of summer—short flashes of earnest pop punk that’s sure to take you back a couple of years. Or at least get you living in the moment for the last weeks of August.

Opener “Something Boring” is anything but, easing into the album’s first notes as it steadily builds into the bands lively rhythm as it wonders “why clichés suck so good on the roof of my mouth and the holes of my ears.” The song churns steadily to the chorus, offering to be the “thing that you could waste your next two years on.”

“Archetypes” throws on the dancing shoes as fuzzy guitars work up a frenzy, while “Sick, Together” comes as close to a slow song as Brandon seems likely to write. Swaying guitars are tempered by vocals singing “I’ve grown fine with being cautious.”

“Filter” just might be a nod to the band as it opens with “It’s not perfect, but it’s flexible.” The lyrically-charged song plows onward into the rapid-fire rhythm and delivery. Things only slow down a little for the philosophical closer “Sparkplug.”

Vulnerability and enthusiasm are the mark of Brandon’s self-titled EP—combining the quiet introverted side of Canadian indie with the all-in ethos of garage punk for a short sample that just might spark its audience to reconsider perfection.

Top Track: “Archetypes”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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