Review – “The Female Imagination” – Crystal Eyes

reviewed by Laura Stanley

On Erin Jenkins’ (Crystal Eyes) The Female Imagination, she is lulled by the chaos of her mind. Cast in a psych/dream-pop haze, the album is cloudy and we’re cast adrift into Jenkins’ somnolence unconscious. 

On “So Alone in Denver,” Jenkins aches with loneliness and confusion. Maybe Jenkins had enough driving for the day and so pulled off the highway to sleep in some shitty motel. She is both physically and mentally at a cross-roads and unexpectedly this motel is where she will process it all. There’s a dazzling guitar melody that floats in the background that make me think that when the sun rises, all will be okay. The following track “I’m Nature” kind of supports that idea that things are settling down. Here she defines herself (“I’m wild, I’m free, I’m nature”) and what she wants: “I want what’s true.”

“Say Something” is one of the more lively songs as Jenkins urgently repeats, “say something to me” behind some keys that somehow remind me of a glass-beaded curtain you’d find at a psychic. “High Moon” is another more animated track and the album’s standout. Here, the waters are choppier, there’s more complex guitar parts, and Jenkins stands up tall in the moonlight.

It takes the whole record for Jenkins to finally reveal, “the female imagination is a song to save yourself.” Around the three minute mark, she gets louder as she repeats, “a song to save yourself,” each iteration like a new gasp of life. It turns out Jenkins has been in control the whole time, holding a rope attached to the craft we’re floating on.  

Top Track: “High Moon”

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)

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