Review – “Found Poem” – Parampara

reviewed by Erik Sedore

It’s a nerve-wracking thing, to share your poetry with the world. To stand up before a crowd and put it all out there as truly and openly as you can, with nothing to hide behind. When done well, and it can get through to people like nothing else. If you’re open to it, the world around you is always sharing its own poetry, and this EP represents Parampara studies of the poetry around him over the last year, reflected back as music.

“Anxiety” eases us in, that actually starts off more like In A Silent Way -era Miles Davis than something you’d expect from a hip-hop beat tape. “Fall4U” has a slightly retro, groovy feel, with cool clacking percussion.

The emotional peaks climb up from there, with bold and brassy “L8nostalgia”, which feels the most like a slam poem here for its blunt insistence on being heard. The most party-ready moment is “Comme, Down”, which remixes Anderson.Paak’s “Come Down”.  It’s a tightly wound spring of a track, that launches up high and floats on some haze laughing at the ground, and I like it better than the original.

Things come down with a pair of more relaxed tracks, which summon feelings of many voices in vast halls, and montages of vehicles moving through the night. It’s poetry in motion, find it all right here.

Top Track: “Comme, Down”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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