Audible Hoots: Holy Hum, Mor, The Drug Rugs, & more

Holy Hum – “White Buzz”

Andrew Lee aka Holy Hum has been releasing powerful tracks for a number of years now so we’re excited that he’s getting ready to release his long awaited debut full-length record later this year. In the meantime, take some time to experience “White Buzz”. Recorded live off the floor, “White Buzz” is eleven minutes of curiosity. At the song’s start, Lee questions acts of sacrifice and then surrenders, to what is up to you, and lets loose an improvised guitar solo and then later, cries of anguish as he tries to sing like his father, an opera singer, who has passed away. It’s a startling and beautiful grief-filled track.

Mor – “Slow”

Mor’s debut single “Slow” is a chill, end of an 80s rom-com like track all about how great it can be to take it easy. Whether that means you’ll take a long time to get out of bed or taking it slow with a significant other, there is joy in languidness. “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it,” so says Ferris Bueller and Mor.

Look Vibrant – “Numb Your Spirit”

My first listen of Look Vibrant‘s latest track “Numb Your Spirit,” was near the end of a boring day at work so my spirit did actually feel numb. Thankfully the song does the opposite of what its title suggests! Look Vibrant continue their frantic pop ways and launch you into a blender (set to high) of neon colours and vitamin C. Starting at the half-way mark, Look Vibrant slow things down, and you’re caught twirling in slow-mo, wrapped in colours and indecipherable voices. Delicious and nutritious.

Pentagon Black Compilation No. 3

Hello? Is it Pentagon Black Compilation No. 3 you’re looking for? The third compilation instalment brought to you in part by the Montreal band the Famines features original unreleased tracks from sixteen bands all recorded on phones. Lots of great bands that we’ve hooted about are here including the Lonely Parade, Century Palm, Deathsticks, Smokey and more. Click here to purchase the compilation.

The Drug Rugs – Forest/Crawlin’

A drug rug makes me think of formerly cream coloured shag carpeting found in a basement that has miscellaneous stains and ground in weed crumbs. And maybe that’s not an entirely inaccurate description of what was underneath the feet of The Drug Rugs when they were recording Forest/Crawlin’. The band’s two tracks have a psych-rock tinge and are charged with the anxiousness that comes with trying to fit in even though you don’t like the people around you. Kinda like the feeling you get at a party in someone’s shag carpeted basement.

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