Review – “Ezzelini’s Dead” – Bonnie Trash

reviewed by Laura Stanley

Inspired by stories of the medieval tyrant Ezzelino III da Romano, he ate his enemies, Bonnie Trash (Sarafina Troy and Emmalia Vash Bortolon-Vettor) ponder the ways in which we consume each other today on Ezzelini’s Dead. It’s an album that is heavy and inquisitive. It lingers in the dark shadows of night but doesn’t run. Instead it takes a look around, searches for answers, and then becomes part of the darkness itself.

“Hail, Hale!” is a spectre that floats into your room in the middle of the night and hovers at the foot of your bed. It’s our introduction to the darkness and begins a series of questions Ezzelini’s Dead provokes: are we all haunted by the ghost of this tyrant?

“Meat and Greet” stalks its pray before launching a full-ledge attack around the 1:30 mark in the form of wailing guitars and the repetition of “You lie! You die!” Closer “Everyone’s a Killer” is a particularly gloomy number as Bonnie Trash resign to darkness and sin and are left to face the darkness alone.

“True Love (Eat Me)” is my favourite track. Here Bonnie Trash are at their poppiest but also fiercest, playing with the happy/mad dichotomy not only sonically but also lyrically. “True Love (Eat Me)” sounds like it could be played during a leisurely Friday night cruise around town but also while that same car is driven off a cliff. “I wanna see you smile / I wanna see you drown,” sing Bonnie Trash and you’re not sure which one you want either. And that’s okay, we’re all filled with good and evil. Striking a balance is hard.

Top Track: “True Love (Eat Me)”

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)

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