Audible/Visual Hoots: J. Hutton, Century Egg, Dead Beat Poet Society & more

J. Hutton – “No Complaints” 

J. Hutton’s “No Complaints” is unrelentingly cool. A bluesy guitar, the raspy voice of the mysterious Hutton, and some soulful backing vocalist come together to create a vibe that’s both mournful and sexy.  No complaints from us. – Laura Stanley

Rose Fargo – “Willy Wonka” 

A couple of years ago we were blown away by the garage-pop stylings of Rose Fargo, and their first bit of new music since the Mascarade EP is just as fun. “Willy Wonka” moves with a surf-rock melody with an undercurrent of creepiness, just as creepiness was always right there with the eccentric candy-factory owner. It’s just barely two minutes long but is a party from start to finish. – Michael Thomas

Century Egg – “Ki Swui Kya”

Everything about the video for Century Egg’s new track “Ki Swui Kya” is so FUN! Some highlights: Tri Le is playing drums with drumsticks, Shane Keyu Song sings into an ice cream cone and lies in a sandwich, choreographed dance sequences, animated Century Egg, confetti! For joy, see above. – LS

Shawn William Clarke – “Autumn in New Brunswick”

Toronto’s Shawn Clarke has previously been associated with softer acoustic music, but he’s gotten a little louder for his new album TOPAZ, out in September. There’s a heavy 70s country-rock influence to the album’s first single, and it even references one of the Canadian country-rock masters, Blue Rodeo, in this pretty song about being on the road, specifically with Olenka and the Autumn Lovers. Though the album will have more electric guitars this time around, rest assured Clarke’s aesthetic hasn’t gone anywhere. – MT

Ivory Waves – “After Slice” 

1 AM is a weird time of night. It’s not even nighttime! It’s a new day and yet it has the residue from the crap that happened the day before. “After Slice” from Winnipeg band Ivory Waves captures the emotions from this twilight hour. It’s a gentle pop-rock song about tossing and turning in bed and worrying about the things that were said and what should be said. Then you get up, go to the kitchen, get some pizza from the fridge and eat it in the harsh glare of the fridge’s light with cold air blowing on your feet. – LS

Wordburglar – “NARC HI-Score (In Nintendo Power)

A video-game-centric song from Wordburglar’s excellent Rapplicable Skills album gets the only music video that would be appropriate. NES graphics illustrate a young Wordburglar’s quest to get a high score in the 1988 video game Narc and the grueling process of getting it published in Nintendo Power magazine (RIP). Look out for references to Mario and Megaman along with a Nintendo headquarters made to look like Bowser’s castle. – MT

Dead Beat Poet Society – DBPS​/​CitizenClane Split Lathe

Dead Beat Poet Society’s half of their split 7″ with Citizen Clane is akin to a roller coaster – as track one “Holy Roller Coaster” would suggest. “Holy Roller Coaster” is a chill, psych-rock track that creaks higher and higher. By the following track, the gritty “Drift,” the car is plunging down the rails at high-speeds and not looking back and finally on “Rue Lincoln,” the car you’re strapped to has come off the rails and you’re about to put the dead in Dead Beat Poet Society. Let’s go again! – LS

STACEY – “It’ll Be Alright”

STACEY has really got an ear for pop music. Her first releases were notable for their spare compositions, but “It’ll Be Alright” is drenched in synthesizer just enough to make the song feel effortless and cool. the kind of relaxed pop music that will soundtrack your 2 a.m. walk in a brightly lit city in the summer heat. Who knows if things will be okay for you in the long term, but as long as you’re listening to this song, you’re safe. – MT

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