Premiere: Impatiens – “Tom Petty”

“It’s a summer song about love and summer rain and how life is weird and magical and sad but also nice.” We were pretty smitten by Impatiens’ “Tom Petty” before Ian Johnston, one half of the duo, gave us this description of the cozy bedroom-pop song but now we are the embodiment of the heart-eyes emoji.

We know Johnston as the frontman of the bluesy rock band Skyote but it turns out he has been tinkering with pop and r&b leaning sounds for a while under the band names Shaky Snakes and Bliss Club. Impatiens is his latest pop project, an evolving collaboration with Ryan Cochlin (keys and guitars).  Johnston told us a bit more about the inspiration behind the pair’s new track:

Musically, it was started out by my longtime pal and collaborator, Ryan. He had the chord progression and this sample and I tried to fit some words around that sample. The subject matter of Tom Petty just kinda showed up and I really love the chemistry of Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks – I get shivers seeing them play together. I think they had some sort of romance, but I don’t wanna look it up – I’d rather just let it be vague and possible.

“Tom Petty” will be released physically in September as part of a mixtape from the Vancouver label Agony Klub.

In the meantime, stream “Tom Petty” below:

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