Review – “Fatal Friends” – Sam Singer

reviewed by Soraya Mamiche

Carefree and bursting with verve, Sam Singer’s Fatal Friends is the ideal indie pop-rock score to these fleeting summer days.

The album’s opening track, “Fatal Friends,” reminds me of swimming in a pool on a sun-kissed summer’s day. Blithe trails of guitar intertwined with lively drums form the core of the song’s vivid atmosphere. Nevertheless, Singer’s emotive crooning tinges the track with hints of sorrow. Likewise, our balmy poolside day is overcast by the thought that, like all things, summer is transient and will soon be over. 

Playing off of the opening track’s lusty warmth, Sam Singer develops a gentle melody that unfolds like a soundtrack to a summer romance with “It’s You.” Deep vocals alongside a whimsical guitar-driven instrumental wrap us into the track’s tender soundscape. However, as soon as Singer’s sentimental voice begins to fade, a trumpet, reminiscent of late 70s jazz-pop, swoops in and carries us away.

More so, with “Eternal Girl,” Sam Singer fuses together the ultimate jam laden with catchy guitar licks, playful drumming, and resonant vocals. The dynamic instrumentals, on this track and the rest of Fatal Friends, make each track on the album absorbing in its own right.

Then, as its title suggests, “Last Stop” is the last stop on Fatal Friends’ colourful pop-rock journey. Bubbling with easygoing energy, yet shaded by a slight sadness in Singer’s voice, “Last Stop” is like the album’s closing sunset. Everything may be glowing and pretty, but our blissful summer day has still come to an end.

Top Track: “It’s You”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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