Review – “Little Fire” – Too Soon Monsoon

reviewed by Erik Sedore

Today we have a duo called Too Soon Monsoon

They come from a mythical place called Saskatoon

They’ve recently released four brand-new tunes

That make up their fiery little debut


From drums, vocals, and keys, their music is hewn

But that’s more than enough to fill up a room

Greg’s voice flits, aches, and croons

While Nathan’s drums clang, crash, and boom


“Little Fire” is the way we are introduced

A torch song with still-dripping wounds

A soul has been stolen, crushed, and pruned

And must be wrest back from its tomb


And when feelings begin to darken and swoon

There’s someone there to lighten the mood

“Balance” is a tribute to those loving cocoons

That even us out and make us immune


Then like the calm before the typhoon

A struck match kisses the fertile fuse

Little fires grow and flourish and bloom

Fueling a love that can never be doomed


In the end though, our wandering has to resume

’til we’re lost and exhausted and running on fumes

Wondering if the desert will end beyond the next dune

Or if there’s any way to get back from the moon


So try this EP, and make it some room

You may find it to be a musical boon


Top Track: “Wandering”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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