Review – “Climbing Out Of Caves” – Midday Swim

midday_2reviewed by Kaitlin Ruether

We can all name a band who aren’t there for the camaraderie. You know, those artists who famously don’t get along, or who are in it for a shared perception of what good art is rather than the friendships formed along the way. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but you can hear it when the band is having fun together, a pep that can only come from candid joy.

Some of the members of Midday Swim have known each other since they were teenagers discovering their sounds, and the band has created music through shared experiences (think: nighttime campfires at a lakefront cabin). Even the band name comes from a favourite pastime shared while recording their debut EP. Now, after some time spent up north, Midday Swim are back with their second EP and no shortage of sunny and lively sounds.

The most buoyant track on Climbing Out Of Caves is “Oh My My”. This is one of those songs that you can imagine running through sprinklers, or sitting in a park with a creamsicle. Dog days nostalgia, bottled. But Midday Swim dip their toes — or maybe go for a plunge — into the waters of thematic depth as well. “Hold on tight to me, can you reach me before our boat goes down,” David Mitchel sings on “Hold On Tight”.

One of the signature moves of Midday Swim is the slow build to something grand. They dabble in fast-slow variation, but the explosion always comes, and it is always satisfying. The addictive beat of “Oh My My” falls into something gentle before the luscious chorus. The chaos and order juxtaposition at the end of “Living A Lie” finds its other half in the pared back ending of “We Got Here”.

From afternoon swims to Canada’s great white north, this Toronto four-piece are still in the early days of their musicianship together, but the sound is developed and modern, and with further exploration of their musical themes, Midday Swim may just be the soundtrack of all your future summers.

Top Track: “Oh My My”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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