Review – “Remember EP” – Henoheno

a3645051237_10reviewed by Kaitlin Ruether

Henoheno used to be a duo but now the project is helmed by Henry Thompson, and according to ex-member Jenny Yu, we aren’t to ask questions about it. That doesn’t stop a listener from reading into Remember EP, which — not unlike their first album — hinges on themes of the challenges of friendship.

Remember EP is the first release from Thompson’s Henoheno and follows the acclaimed full length debut, Piggybacks. The new EP carries a pervasive sadness that seems inseparable from the lineup change and lays bare lyrics of loneliness and self-exploration. “I don’t know how to fix things now,” Thompson casually delivers on “Intoxicated”. By “Curse” the loss is more explicit: “And nothing ever works out in the end / We’ll drift apart like good friends”.

The laid-back Beck-esque vocals assist in keeping the tone light despite the lyrical grief. There is an old-school resonance in the full bodied synths, particularly on “You Get It Too”, and the auto-tuned smoothness of “Curse”. Even while the EP dabbles in new sounds (the acoustic guitar on “Motorbikes” makes for a fresh change), it features signature recurring choices, such as the “drop” of the beat — more a purposeful placing than a drop — on “You Get It Too” and “Motorbikes”. The percussion heats up and cools down, mitigating the track as drum machines are so adept at, and provides unity for an EP that could otherwise feel disjointed.

The loss of a band member always comes with cost, but Henry Thompson has proven his devotion to Henoheno with Remember EP, and through his passion and songwriting ability, the project lives on.

Top Track: “Intoxicated”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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