Review – “All Dressed” – BBQT

reviewed by Laura Stanley

BBQT are back with their sophomore EP just in time to curb your summertime craving for something crisp and salty.

All Dressed makes me feel better about how bothered I get by people who talk too much. Anything worth saying can be said in under two minutes so says BBQT and Laura. Four songs! Five minutes! Now that’s a high-powered EP!

On “High Wasted,” BBQT cleverly associate high-waisted shorts with getting high and wasted which is my favourite use of high-waisted shorts since Kelly Kapowski roamed the halls of Bayside in them. From there Amery Sandford flings some choice words out a window at someone trying to be like John Cusack in Say Anything (“Too Late”), dreams of a change of scenery (“Hawaii”) and gives an asshole (maybe the same one from “Too Late”) the middle finger (“Your Band”). The delectable poppiness of the latter track makes the exclamation of “I hate your band too!” that much better.

And just like that bag of all dressed chips you dragged into bed to eat while watching Netflix, the EP disappears. Check out the band’s s/t EP for more tasty BBQT.

Top Tracks: “High Wasted”; “Your Band”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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