Review – “She-Devils” – She-Devils

reviewed by Erik Sedore

If we all have an angel and a devil on our shoulders, I have to wonder, do they talk? Do they get to know and understand each other, and maybe see things from the others point of view sometimes? It would be strange if they didn’t end up in some kind of mischief together sometimes. Maybe start a band. Their lives would have to be more fun that way.

As I listened to the debut album from Montreal’s She-Devils, I thought about its marriage of groovy and cartoony rhythms with chaotic effects, and the alternatively lovelorn and playful lyrical themes. Most She-Devils songs follow a similar formula, basing themselves around a restrained guitar loop, with effects and samples meshing into each other at a generally relaxed pace. “Come” is the most rhythmically insistent song, and the sauciest, its chorus creating the feeling of a lovers breath and tongue slipping into your ear. “Make You Pay” is the darkest song, a revenge story: “I’ve got a gun in my pocket…. And I’m ready to fire…” The gunshot effects that colour the end of the song are a good example of the playful production touches that crop up throughout the album. Songs about murder should be fun, right?

On the side of good, there’s “Blooming”, which starts off with an acoustic guitar sample and explains “I don’t want to go back home with you tonight, I think I might not be sure what I’m doing…” This song stands out as one of the best structured songs here, and it’s the place singer Audrey Ann Boucher is most creative with her voice, as she belts out “You’re so young, I’m so young…” The sudden emotional intensity is really welcome in the middle of a usually coy or coquettish album. “The World Laughs” is another poignant one. It’s a compassionate song, desperate to possess someone and drive out all their demons from the inside. It would be a nice one to dance to with someone you want to be closer to. “Buffalo” ends the album with a languid but defiant number, and we imagine heels kicking up dust as they walk off into the sunset.

Top Tracks: “Come”; “The World Laughs”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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