Audible/Visual Hoots: Good Kid, Brett Wildeman, Awenda Provincial Park and more

Awenda Provincial Park – “bristol”

“bristol” hit me hard. I wasn’t expecting to hear Leonard Cohen but then there he was, behind a thin veil of electronics, talking about his struggles with depression. As the synth and electronics grow louder, his voice is barely audible and I fear I’m losing him all over again. He briefly re-emerges to talk about being a father but then, he’s gone. – Laura Stanley

Brett Wildeman – “Simple Song”

Rossland, BC’s Brett Wildeman is no stranger to this blog and has always championed environmental causes directly in his music and indirectly through the way he tours. This devastatingly beautiful “Simple Song” is dedicated to Daniel Kingsbury, who championed environmental causes passionately before his death in 2015. Wildeman’s gentle guitar paired with Chelsea Sleep’s picked violin show a huge range of emotion and sadness without ever being explicit about it. All proceeds from the song will go to the Daniel Kingsbury Music For Youth Endowment Grant. –Michael Thomas

Good Kid – “Witches”

“Witches” – another captivating high-powered pop-rock song from Toronto’s Good Kid – is like a Halloween sugar high: it’s jittery and wild-eyed and tangled in a tale of disappointment. Overall the track is equivalent to that house that gives out full-sized chocolate bars. – LS

Aquarius – “Lexicon of Desire”

Montreal three-piece Aquarius are not kidding when they say they specialize in moody pop. The slow-burning, melodic “Lexicon of Desire” is almost spooky thanks to Cosima Friesen’s airy vocals, and the video treatment adds even more spookiness as it follows a group of people trying to hold a séance. Keep watching for a twist ending! –MT

beige-à-coeur – Demo (1986)

beige-à-coeur’s Demo (1986) makes me want to pick up a 1986 mustang on kijiji, put some hot pink fuzzy dice on the rear view mirror and cruise around the city. The two track demo is bilingual electro-pop that’s shadowy and infused with the night air – take it for a spin. – LS 

The Ashley Hundred – “Lonely Love”

This is a surprisingly groovy song for one that is about a love gone so wrong. “Is love a chemical reaction? Or is it just temporary attraction?” the band wonders as it moves through a psychedelia-tinged soundscape. The music gets especially fun with the occasional swells of horns as the band sings of lonely people searching the world for love. – MT

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  1. […] Previously written-about song “Simple Song” remains as devastating as ever, and a different simple song ends the album on a relaxed note. “The Light” is about the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel and a light in your lover’s eye. It’s an optimistic way to end, and really just brings the album’s warmth full circle. When you’ve finally released all your life’s baggage and record an album, it just might sound as soothing as The Tools We Possess. […]

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