Review – “Misty”- Not You

reviewed by Erik Sedore

Halifax’s Not You live in a world of ethereal vocals and soundscapes, that float throughout their music in ways that are somehow both gentle and aggressive. They amusingly describe themselves as slippergaze, the first time I’d seen that clever term, and it’s true that their tunes somnambulate through the mists in hypnotically pleasing ways.

Most of the songs here feel like notes left on the dresser in the morning, or little diary entries. There is also some whimsy and humour, as on opener “Mabel”, a track about wheeling on up to bingo set to a Lush-like backdrop, or PT, which at first is a disarmingly sweet invitation to a tea party, then muscles up on the chorus. Watch out for the warning not to pee in her teacup, ha!

Not You play to their strengths the best when the build to big guitar driven crescendos, as on best song “soup”. A relaxed opening starts an argument that’s cut off before it can get going: “I’d like to stop fucking there.” Intricate guitar parts ebb and flow afterwards, alternately optimistic (“Oh, you know!”) and disappointed (“No, you don’t…”), and the whole thing is ultimately blended together in a big tremulous conclusion.

The remaining tracks hew towards a more pop-punk like urgency, especially “haha”, which carves out the EP’s frantic finale by strumming away the frustration of our self-imposed pressures.

Top Track: “Soup”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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