Review – “Coping Strategies” – CARES

reviewed by Erik Sedore

As the world becomes more dependent on technology, you sometimes start to wonder how you’d cope if it suddenly all fell apart. If all your wires and wi-fi one day vanished from your life, could you adjust, or even survive? You can get a taste of how all that might feel by listening to Coping Strategies by Toronto’s CARES.

The dystopian grind of “Vendor Day” feels like a mess of router cables come alive and dragging you into the darkness. There’s a low moaning tone throughout the track that could be the distress call of some artificially intelligent cyborg animal. “Who Else Are You?[Powerpoint Edit]” starts out calmer but also throws around a lot of lost voices in its mix, beckoning you to join them. Maybe these are the multiple selves of a lonely mind trying to keep itself company.

“State Trooper Award Ceremony” has a sort of mocking tone, and slowly builds up the rpms of its noise bed over the track, throttling and choking them back again and again. Finally, “Chair Throwing Meditation 3” leaves us awash in a distant buzz, something like the relaxation in your muscles after you’ve worked out all your anger by breaking all your furniture.

Top Track: “Vendor Day”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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