Review – “Nowhere” – May Have

a1808447174_10reviewed by Kaitlin Ruether

It’s a question that artists have and will always face. Are we creating an experience or sharing one? Is your offering meant to augment a sensation or form a new one? How much audience interaction is necessary for a complete event?

Maerin Hunting is the voice and immediate focal point of May Have, and her sunny, luscious soprano keeps the tracks strung together while the instrumentation makes forays into the electronic. These moments of futurity, as found on the electronic ambiance of “Nowhere” and eventual electro-speckling on the pop prettiness of “Red”, drive the songs into the concrete expanse of our own world while nostalgia floats tracks like “Only You”. The album is tethered to moments like the slow-rise bridge of this central track.

Despite the vocals being the guiding light of the album, Nowhere is at its best when the spirit of collaboration takes over. The songs become most inviting of the listener’s perspective when each element has a juncture to shine. The drums as sonic expansion on “Alana”, for example, becomes a wall to be pierced by melody and asks us to listen closely as it breaks.

Despite my attention often hinging around the use of synthesizers, every song has an indie gentleness to it. The simplicity of the yearning lyrics of “Still Want You” doesn’t try to push boundaries, but rather delves into honesty, even when horns are briefly unburied as the EP comes to a close. The clip for “Red” is a black and white old-film style romp around the town that expands on this feeling that May Have — formerly known as Maerin — build their uniqueness on the foundation of reality.

Ultimately, an experience needs more than one piece to be enduring, and May Have finds the place where sharing becomes invitational and genre mixing becomes a point where creativity flourishes. Nowhere has almost everything to be a complete experience, it just asks you to add your own perspective.

Top Tracks: “Nowhere”, “Still Want You”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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