Review – “Think of Light” – Russell Louder

reviewed by Laura Stanley

Russell Louder’s Think of Light is juxtapositional. It’s dark | light. Happy | sad. Dance in your living room | cry on the floor.

Think of Light throbs with electro-pop instrumentals – crafted in a bedroom but ready for a glitter-filled club circa 1999. “Another Day” twinkles like dial-up internet and is flushed with the possibilities of the new millennium. “Never Lost” is shadowy, without even diving into the lyrics, you know the song’s title is sarcastic, and “Game” is an energetic maze of anxious turns but a dead-end is never reached.

When the glitter wears off, we find Louder’s heart. On each of those three songs, Louder struggles with various relationships. On “Another Day,” they sing of regrets and temptations – “and though you’ve made a place for me, I know it’s where I shouldn’t be” – and in “Never Lost” Louder begs a friend to not run away, no matter how hurt they are. The “Game” is love: the tricks, the tests. Who will blink first. “I fear your stare,” repeats Louder throughout the track.

Closer, “In the Morning” stands on its own. It’s like Louder has crawled through their bedroom window to sit on the roof and watch the sunrise after a night out. The electronics are mostly stripped away and what’s left is an acoustic guitar and layers of vocals. Here, Louder meditates on love’s lightness – “I’ll look to you…my home” – and suddenly the EP is not longer the light | dark. It’s just the light.

Top Track: “In the Morning”

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)

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