Audible/Visual Hoots: Blimp Rock, Century Egg, HUMANS & more

Century Egg

Ben Lemen – “Breadwinner”

Former Stonetrotter Ben Lemen gives us a delicious taste of his forthcoming solo album Almanac with “Breadwinner”. In both its alt-country style and in its forlorn lyrics, Lemen’s song is timeless. As Lemen gently admits, “I’ll quit saloons and you someday”, you’re left wondering if he’s referring to an old saloon that hosted cowboys or a bar off of highway 4. Or maybe they are one of the same. – Laura Stanley

Blimp Rock – “Wet Hot Canadian Summer”

Is there anything more divine than a picnic-themed compilation? Fallen Love has released Secret Gardens, featuring a number of fantastic artists. Blimp Rock’s entry is off of their upcoming June album, and the laid-back pop-rock perfectly captures summer in Canada, in which everyone wants to be down at the beach but is probably just imagining doing it. In this song, Peter Demakos  sings of wanting a cottage by the lake and shooting down drones. – Michael Thomas

Kira May – “Sufjan”

Kira May’s “Sufjan” – also from the Secret Gardens EP – is a love song to Sufjan Stevens!!! Throughout her ode, May navigates a down-tempo electronic beat, gently calls out to Sufjan, praises his craft, and she even offers to be his man – “Detroit’s not that far away and New York is just an hour by plane”. The below gif is a representation of how this song makes me feel. – LS

Constellation Flight – “Astral Connection”

The band and song title both sound pretty spacey, and the song does not shy away from its galactic roots. Sky-high synths, some super slick guitar and smooth bass, along with reverbed-to-heaven vocals make for an appropriate soundtrack to your next space voyage, whenever that may be. –MT

Century Egg – “Sunshine Realize”

Winter can be cruel in many ways. Spending a lot of time in close-knit quarters hiding from the cold and not getting enough daylight can be taxing on a relationship. Century Egg’s “Sunshine Realize,” from their album River Gold which came out in March, is a track about taking a break from your usual routine and crowd, dancing in the sun, and reconnecting with your love. Now that spring has sprung, it might be wise to take Century Egg’s advice. – LS

ttwwrrss – “Very Snazzy”

Very rarely will I suggest you go to a SoundCloud page and read the writeup the artist provided for a song, but I will break that convention with this song. It’s a perfect way to describe this instrumental electronic song that filters jazz and hip-hop into a song that could either be for an interdimensional journey or to soundtrack a badass detective from an 80s cop show. – MT

Mot – “Part I”

Lately before bed, I’ve listened to the shipping forecast on BBC Radio 4. The combo of the British accent, whimsical location names, and, for me, the vagueness of what they’re talking about makes for a suuuper relaxing listen. On Monday night, I swapped out the shipping forecast in favour of Mot’s “Part I” and it turned out they had boats in common. “Part I” begins with what I hear as a boat rubbing on the side of a dock. A swirling backing noise made by Mot reside timidly in the boat’s hull but  steadily grows louder until it dissolves the ship into the icy water.  For more, listen to “Part II“. – LS


The dark, thumping night clubs best suited to Humans’ intense electronic music can welcome another new song. The video follows the duo’s new bomber jacket, mostly warn by the duo, through transit, airplanes and various buildings, and the atmosphere is very hypnotic, just like their songs. –MT


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