Review – “crumbs in motion” – sean + ur not

crumbs in motionreviewed by Michael Thomas

We all have our own soundtracks to our home cities. Google “New York City playlist” or “Toronto playlist” or “London playlist” and you’ll no doubt get plenty of results from people who think they can turn an entire city and all of its vibrancy into a thematic set of songs.

Toronto (or at least the concept of a large city) is what inspired Sean Andernacht, aka sean + ur not, on crumbs in motion. The six-song EP is mainly built on synths, drum machines and the occasional vocal sample, and the rest is up to your imagination. On his bandcamp page, Andernacht writes “product is best enjoyed outside,” though it’s also a perfect album with which to lie back, close your eyes and see where your mind takes you. Source: I did exactly like this and had some very colourful visions.

The boundaries of crumbs in motion‘s city are up to you. “Subway Synthesis” will take you as far as you need to go. Andernacht described this song as how he imagined the TTC in an 80s montage would sound like, and the loopiness of the beginning certainly gives off that impression. But as it goes on, the sound gets more and more frantic, and you just know your peaceful subway right has ended.

“Neverending Kiss” seems like the soundtrack to going to a nightclub at 3 a.m. The synths are smoother, and the music seems all about seduction, minus the noise of the people who left at the stroke of midnight. Maybe it’s an empty club, and you’re dancing by yourself.

Other songs placed less specific images in my head, but “Won’t Wash Away the Colour” could remind you of a number of places in Toronto or your city. There’s a dynamism to the way the synths interact in this one. “Posies 4 Daisies” twinkles beautifully, and soon heads towards a warm twilight.

To round it all out, the zen koan of a song title “Confucius Lounges on a Cloud Ready to Drop Everything For Her” heads into a darker direction, and fluctuates between a synth- and percussion-oriented melody. It settles into a dabbling of synths at the end to bring you out of the city and into the clouds, so to speak.

Top Track: “Subway Synthesis”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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