Review – “Sorry I Set You On Fire” – All Hands on Jane

reviewed by Laura Stanley

There’s a Rumi quote that I’m pretty sure I’ve seen on a poster print for sale on Etsy for $16.99 + shipping that reads, in part, “Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”

It’s meant to inspire you to live your best life and to encourage you to surround yourself with those who cherish and uplift you. So what about All Hands on Jane’s EP title Sorry I Set You On Fire? Did the fire spread via a line of gasoline like a 90s action movie and engulfs anything and anyone close by for a spectacular inferno? But nothing about Sorry I Set You On Fire sounds particularly apologetic. It’s like All Hands on Jane say their title with a snarl and channel the #sorrynotsorry attitude. Sarcastically, “sorry you got in the way of me living how I want to live.”

The Calgary band shred and scream their way through their EP without hesitation. The music of All Hands on Jane is L O U D. It’s an opaque mix of psych and garage rock that could be describe as ominous but their din has the same therapeutic qualities as screaming into a pillow. Except without the pillow.

“I drink whiskey in the winter. I keep it cold, it keeps me bitter,” Teri Wagner spits to welcome you to the band’s jam space. Here the window’s are blacked out, you can smoke inside, and the only thing to drink is, you guessed it, whiskey. On “Kitty City” the band are on the prowl and their caterwauling guitars never let up and “Blackout Beach” is like the piercing headache and gritty mouth that accompanies passing out at a beach party that you probably shouldn’t have gone to. The highlight of the EP comes at the end in “Lone Gunman”. Not a reference to one of the three trusted men of The X-Files, this “Lone Gunman” is a sharp shooting rock track that makes me want to only wear black from now on.

Are your ears ringing? Good!

All Hand on Jane play Cherry Cola’s tonight for CMW. Details here

Top Track: “Lone Gunman”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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