Audible/Visual Hoots: Bridal Party, Justin Wright, Bobby Uzóma & more

Justin Wright

Justin Wright – “Glass Alphabet”

A “Glass Alphabet” makes me think of the neon signs that scream OPEN in fluorescent red. Always alight even when the place the sign sits in is not actually open. There was a Popular Mechanics for Kids episode that I remember vividly (and now thanks to YouTube I can revisit) where we’re shown how those signs’ glass tubes are shaped and we learn that certain gasses in the tubes make them light up in different colours – neon gas makes them red. Perhaps, then, the cascading synth heard throughout Justin Wright’s “Glass Alphabet” is the gas turning and twisting, always in motion, through the tube. The cello and violin overtop of the synth is the light itself, illuminating the damp sidewalk of a spring night or welcoming you to the solace within. – Laura Stanley 

Bobby Uzóma – “Alone”

Just a month or two ago I was thinking “When am I going to hear another song from this man?” Sure enough, here’s enough stunning single. At the beginning, the crinkling in the background and the bit of spare synths are dressing for Uzóma’s beautiful, emotive vocals. Then the chorus comes in: “Do you worry about me? Do you care about me?” Some hi-hats and layered harmonies sweeten the deal and once again, I cannot wait until we get more from this guy. –Michael Thomas 

Bridal Party – Feed Me Or Leave Me

The two tracks of Bridal Party’s Feed Me or Leave Me feel like a treasure hunt, except the treasure in this case is the dark moment hidden within the floating, lazy pop. “Attention Whore” features smooth vocals and a bouncy 80s synth … until the track bends back towards the ominous and vocalist Suz croons, “I’ll disappear in a panic”. On the flip, “Lonely Boys Club” is beachy and sweet and makes the most of a sad situation while Joe sprinkles melancholic gems of wisdom like: “Lonely people take more showers, the body they’re missing is mostly water.” A prize. – Kaitlin Ruether

Peach Pit – “Sweet FA”

Last year, Peach Pit was my soundtrack to the sweet beginnings of summer. During the few warmer days we had this week, I found myself turning back to them and when I did, I was pleased to see they have a new music video out and they’re gearing up for a new record this summer! In the video for “Sweet FA”, a pizza delivery dude thinks he’s found love after making a delivery to a cute girl but ack, she’s taken! He then lets out his frustration by doing a guitar solo on top of his delivery van. Also, a face singing along to “Sweet FA” appears in pizza and junk food and it’s both hilarious and very creepy. – LS

J Blissette – “A Series of Observations”

The latest from J Blissette is tropical sax-y and all kinds of playful. The beginning is warmed by the sweet guitar chords, and Blissette sings with the kind of wry, all-knowing voice that makes the song so charming. What follows are a number of sax riffs and a catchy repetition of the words “Let me stare into the sun until I go blind.” –MT

Trout – Easy Breezy / Long Hair

“Easy Breezy” is really a good description of Windsor band Trout’s cassingle Easy Breezy / Long Hair. Both tracks are of the psych-rock variety with lots of guitars, long hair, and sprits in the forest. Trout is haunted by something – “I’m writing with a ghost on my back”; “I’ve seen good people doing bad things” – but maybe a Psychic Reading will help. – LS

New Fries – “Bring the Pressure Washer”

You only need to watch New Fries perform live to understand why this group is beloved by so many. Their aggressive energy is almost unmatched, and their music feels like a pressure cooker, building up more and more until it explodes. The contrast between the music and the Maryanne Casasanta-directed visuals for “Bring the Pressure Washer” is great, and brings new perspectives to what is literally two hands moving around a table. Given the heaviness of the music, you’d almost expect something to break or a hand to get stabbed but nope, it’s pretty serene. –MT

James D. Bryan – “Did I Say What I Wanted To Say?”

James D. Bryan’s “Did I Saw What I Wanted To Say?” is about navigating the maze of life. Turn left and come face to face with depression, turn right and get your heart broken. There’s smoke ahead and you can’t see a thing, you have to crawl on your hands and knees until it’s not hazy anymore. But there’s a clearing up ahead, do you see it? – LS

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