Review – “Much Later” – D.A. Kissick

reviewed by Eleni Armenakis

D.A. Kissick keeps it simple when talking about his not-so-solo release, Much Later. “I do not really consider this to be a solo project,” he explains, “But I write songs and then get friends to help bring them to life.” And since some of those friends include his usual Foxwarren bandmates, back six years after their debut, it’s true this solo release isn’t quite flying alone.

The Saskatchewan-based Kissick sees the Foxwarren gang together on vocals, while bandmate Avery Kissick shares the writing and recording duties on most of the tracks. The familiar faces give the album a sense of comfort as the dancing opening notes spin the album to life under the Kissick touch.

Vocally subdued in places, the album’s music jaunts along as the drums add a bit of kick. “Loyal Moonlight” hops to its own beat even as the vocals rise and then fade into a whisper. Even the livelier “Hayden You’ve” feels created out of a contrast between the sadness in the vocals and the joyful skips in the drum—all of which come crashing into nothingness as the song wraps itself up after a surprisingly short two minutes.

“Fallen Sheets” provides another delightful burst as piano keys skip along, before “Young Anymore” winds the album down temporarily, gurgling into the energetic, and sombre, “I Can’t Face the Fire.” The titular preoccupation with time comes through in the lyrics as the song opens by saying, “Hold my hand/As I’m turning grey.”

And while the passage of time does slowly wend its way through the album’s entirety until “Time it Won’t” quietly closes out the revelry, Kissick and co. feel ready enough to take it on—bringing life to Kissick’s musical musings, and their old band.

Top Tracks: “Loyal Moonlight”; “I Can’t Face the Fire”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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