Premiere: Abigail Lapell – “Jordan”

In his review of Abigail Lapell’s Hide Nor Hair, Erik singled out the track “Jordan”, writing, “the song shows off Abigail’s gift for a lasting lyrical image, where her dreams ride in “All night like galloping thunder, night horses on the run.”” Ahead of a handful of tour dates in April, Lapell has released a live music video for the album’s standout song which we are proud to premiere.

In this live take, shot at the Burdock in Toronto (one of the best venues in the city!), the piano heard on the original recording is gone but in its stead Lapell’s powerful vocals – boosted by accompaniment from Laura Spink of the Young Novelists – are more pronounced, the instrumentals are sparse, and so the emotions of the song are wide open for all to hear. Take it in below.

Upcoming tour dates:

Wed. April 12 — Burdock Music Hall, Toronto ON
Tues. April 18 — This Ain’t Hollywood, Hamilton ON
Wed. April 19 — The Paddock, Toronto ON [CMW Showcase – 8 p.m.]
Thurs. April 20 — The Vault, Toronto ON [CMW Showcase – 7 p.m.]

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