Paradise Animals say goodbye with ‘FIN’

paradise animals
Photo: Galit Rodan

We’re sad to report that Paradise Animals have officially called it quits. We felt like we were with this band from start to finish, whether it was them playing Grayowl Point’s first-ever Crosswires show or with the release of the wonderful Day Bed. Their intense energy and moody, dreamy synth-pop was always welcome in our ears.

While they’re calling it a day, they’ve left us with one last gift, FIN, which features the songs “1991” and “Write Backwards.” The former is tinged with sadness—you can feel the emotion in Mark Andrade’s deep vocals among the buoyant synths and the intricate percussion. “Write Backwards” is a bit more spare with the synths, letting the gloomy guitar take the reins on the melody. This song also feels the second half of the goodbye, as though they’re heading out into the sunset. You can hear both songs at the bottom of the post.

Paradise Animals also sent us this statement on the end of the band:

To all the friends, family, and fans over the years, thank you so much for taking time to listen and support us. We’ve had an incredible time writing, creating, and playing music together and for you.

I’ve always agreed with the philosophy that a band should bow out when the time is right, and for us, that time is now. We didn’t just want the project to fade into the online graveyard, but rather, we wanted to say goodbye and thank you, putting a stamp on the end of a great run. So thank you!

As one last creative gesture, we’re releasing 2 previously unreleased tracks. The tracks are called “Writing Backwards” and “1991”. Both, we think, are good representations of our style over the years. We hope you enjoy and please feel free to share these tracks.

You will most likely hear music from us again, but not as Paradise Animals. All of us will re-emerge with new musical projects I’m sure. Music is something that we all have done and will always continue to do. Thanks again.


Paradise Animals

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