Review – “Throat Lumps” – Throatlumps

reviewed by Laura Stanley

Throatlumps is a lot of things: she’s a dead bee, a banjo player, a giggler, she can be clumsy, she’s learning how to be brave, she’s Marlee Jennings (sorry, I stalked you on Facebook). Jennings’ album Throat Lumps is a collection of these, and other, parts of her. She tells us her stories, shaky and unpolished, when she is alone and hunched over her computer, in front of her friend (Michael), or with a cat in her lap. We get to hear these songs because, above all else, Throatlumps is honest.

On opener “Love Trust,” Throatlumps is nervous about falling in love, on “Better” she is forced to remind herself that she “knows better than this.” By “Tuesday” it looks like rain but she’s ready to take on the day and then on “March 8” she steps outside; do you hear the birds? They are welcoming spring.

Throat Lumps is a headphones listen. It’s for when you get home from work or school and you need to settle down before you begin your evening routine and reflect on your day. It’s for those who find themselves crying on a semi-regular basis and would be described as sensitive. Stand tall though, Throatlumps is right beside you.

Top Track: “Tuesday”

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)

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