Review – “Going Gone” – Lindsay Foote

reviewed by Laura Stanley

After a late night out, my ears ringing from the voices of others or because I stood too close to an amp, I am able to find a peace that I so desperate seek during the day.

I was reminded of that feeling when listening to Lindsay Foote’s Going Gone even though during my listens I was far removed from that late night circumstance. Instead, it’s a rainy Saturday afternoon. But throughout her EP, Foote sings of peace and the places she finds it: “…rolling home on quiet streets I think of love, I think of you…,” she sings on “Found It.” On “Silence” she sings, “A silence has fallen but it’s the right sound right now.” And you are left thinking about where and how you seek solace.

The warm folk structure of Going Gone boosts its sense of comfort. Foote’s voice is gentle and familiar, though I can’t pin-point who she reminds me of. She roams throughout each track – soft guitar chords, the hearty plucks of a double bass, or Chris Blachford’s (I hope you’re doing well, Chris!) warm voice twirling around her. On the aforementioned “Silence,” Foote is the first warm breeze after a long winter, the laughter that fills a room on “Just Like That,” an impossibly starry sky on “Found It”.  

Certainly, there are wisps of sadness or doubt on Going Gone but they’re subtle, tucked underneath the genial folk sound. Closing track “Criss Cross Fence” sounds playful (even its title brings to mind a childhood game of some sort) but a resentment lingers.

Lindsay Foote is going places but this isn’t the last you’ll hear from her.

Top Tracks: “Found It”; “Silence”

Rating: Strong Hoot (Good)

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