Premiere: Prince of Toronto – “The Blue Prince”

Toronto’s Jackson Fishauf is back on the scene as Prince of Toronto—and with a new EP, The Blue Prince, out at the beginning of April. The quick introduction is low-fi—recorded in one sitting with a three-piece band—and sets the tone for Fishauf’s new direction (or as he puts it, the “blue prints”).

Wailing guitars feature heavily as Fishauf blurts out lyrics, sampling a couple of different takes over the four tracks. Steady numbers jut up against high-energy bursts, as layers added after the binge-recording chime in with some electronic flourishes and extra instrumentation. Swampy notes carry through all four tracks, giving the songs a jam session feel, which isn’t too far off the mark—Fishauf captured some of the improvisation process that built up the guitar sounds to Prince of Toronto’s first release.

Listen to The Blue Prince in full below:

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