Review – “Aw Fuck” – Ghost Cat

reviewed by Laura Stanley

The phrase “aw fuck” can mean many things. It can be used to convey frustration, pleasure, pain, sympathy, sadness, and happiness. Just add extra Ws and Us (“awwww fuuuuuuck”) or a “yeah!” or a “no!” and you get a whole new meaning. Ghost Cat’s Aw Fuck manages to capture all of the multifaceted emotions the phrase can have into eight fast-paced tracks of messy, pop-punk goodness.

Ghost Cat pack in as much attitude, autonomy, and the anxieties plaguing pretty much everyone in their twenties (including me!) as they can into songs that are under three minutes. “Creep” (not a Radiohead cover) is a fierce strike against slime-balls (“get your fucking hands off her, just leave her alone!” the band sings) which is reiterated on “Get Away From Me”. The anxieties boil over in Aw Fuck standout “Mediocre Life” when each member look at their lives and question “am I really alive?” and on another highlight “Pity Party,” where the self-loathing is STRONG and my god, is it relatable. 

Something I love about Aw Fuck is how much fun Ghost Cat is having! “Mediocre Life” starts off with each member welcoming you to their release in a completely charming way: “Hey, our band is Ghost Cat”; “I’m the cutest member”; “This might be a train-wreck.” The following track “T.R.I.B.E.” has the trio airing their insecurities but in response to them, they team up and for the last 15 seconds repeat, “you’re enough”! It’s like when your self-esteem is super low and your friends are having none of that so they shower you with positivity.

On closer “After Hours,” Ghost Cat sound like they are singing in a semi-circle around one microphone, smiling from ear to ear – you can even hear them giggling. And this is a song about being depressed! The track, and album, ends with one final shout from the trio and it’s hard not to join their rallying call:


Top Tracks: “Mediocre Life”; “Pity Party”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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