Review – “Pink Flamingo Room” – Eucalyptus

reviewed by Erik Sedore

Hello there.

Welcome…to the Pink Flamingo Room. Why don’t you sit down and stay a while? Have something to drink. We only have grapefruit cocktails, but that’s OK, because it’s permanently 4:00 PM July 18th, 1974, in Miami Beach. Undo your top two buttons, lean back, and let’s watch the band.

Listen to how the piano patiently spills out phrases like it’s watering all the potted palms in the hallway. And how the percussion plinks happily, and the bass bobs up and down like a sailboat out on the horizon. Doesn’t it make you wish you never had to leave?

This next tune has questions. Questions like “Have You Ever Listened to Mermaid Tattoo?” It’s like the saxophone has grown lips and is asking you again and again, each time in a slightly different way. And before you can answer, the trumpet interrupts you with a procession of snorts and giggles. Maybe there never was a mermaid tattoo.

You’re on to your third grapefruit cocktail, a little woozy now, and starting to have visions. You look back up at the band, and they’ve all become flamingos. Your head tells you that something is very wrong here, but the easy riding rhythms and subtle interplay between the horns and piano feels so right, and you slowly bob your head in time with the band, hypnotized by their intense yellow eyes.

The good vibrations continue to permeate your body, and you can feel an oncoming episode of narcolepsy. You feel lifted out of your body, a friendly clarinet guiding you to dance on the ocean breeze coming in through the windows.  As your vision begins to darken, the trumpet and guitar start laughing again. What’s so funny?

When you wake up, you’re still in your seat, but every one else is gone. You get up, push open the heavy doors, and step through, finding yourself back in the Pink Flamingo Room. Cocktail hour is just starting again. Your heart sinks as you realize you can never leave.

Top Track: “Narcalypso”

Rating: Proud Hoot (Really Good)

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